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Construction Management is a process by which the owner's roll is re-defined as the "contractor", with Patmar acting as agents. This can be utilized as a tool for construction of a pre-planned facility or for enhancing a Project Management approach to building. The Construction Manager becomes responsible for recommendations of the parties to tender, tendering all facets of construction, recommendations for which tenders to accept, co-ordination, supervision and scheduling of all pre-construction, construction, and post-construction activities. Competitive tendering for the work takes place at the sub-trade level. The re-alignment of contractual obligations ensures the Construction Manager's best interests parallel those of the owner. For this service, Patmar charges a fee for their participation which becomes a fixed overhead for the project.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Planning & Consulting
  • Site Evaluation
  • Project Development
  • Design Development

Construction Services

  • Safety Program
  • Quality Control
  • Scheduling