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  • Honesty & Integrity —

    Patmar was founded upon honesty in all our business dealings, and knowing our clients will always receive the best possible service without hidden prices or sudden surprises. That is why Patmar's integrity has never been comprised, nor ever will be.

  • Ingenuity —

    Construction sites are busy places... When issues arise on the job site, our team of professionals always come up with the best solution for all parties involved. With our skilled diversified staff, we're able to bring forth various options to best meet the need of any problem or challenge at hand.

  • Quality Service Beyond Expectation —

    One of our key values and promises is our ability to provide quality service beyond our clients' expectation.

  • Competitive Price —

    Patmar has a reputation for being a highly responsive, competitive organization, and experienced in all facets of lump sum tender. Our capable staff, and knowledgeable sub-trades enable Patmar to determine the lowest possible quotation for a project, without sacrificing quality of product or service, which Patmar always demands of its finished work.

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